Human Resource Management

The key to success for any business lies in making the right decisions at the right time.

  • Human Resource Management

    The course is designed to build participants' awareness and knowledge of the major functions that make up a modern HR department. The modules of this course are considered fundamental and include basic knowledge as well as latest trends and keys to effectiveness.

    List the main functions in Human Resources Management (HRM); Defend the new roles of modern HRM; Apply the functions of recruitment and selection and follow the main steps in attracting and hiring qualified candidates; Describe the different steps in the training and development cycle Explain the roles and responsibilities of HRM in designing and implementing a performance management system; Demonstrate understanding of a complete compensation management system.

    • Definition and Scope of HRM
    • Human Resource Planning
    • Career Management, Knowledge Management, Counseling
    • Job Evaluation, Performance linked pay, Labour welfare
    • Wage and Salary Administration
    • Workers Participation in Management
    • Industrial Disputes, Complaint and Grievance
    • Control Mechanisms, Ethics at Work place
    • Human Resource Information System, Global HRM

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